Civilian Employment Opportunities

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Employment Opportunities  ​​


Potential applicants for all positions are subject to a thorough background investigation.  Job is posted until position is filled.

​Employee Resources​​

As an agency of State Government, the West Virginia S​​tate Police provides a wide variety of benefits to it’s employees.  As a WV public employee, some benefits are mandatory to all public employees, while some are completely volunta​​​​ry.  Some benefits are free to employees while others require a monthly premium.

Current year details regarding plan options and monthly premium costs can be obtained by logging onto the PEIA website at

Life In​su​​​r​​ance:

      • PEIA offers $10,000 life in​surance policies for all fulltime employees.  PEIA also offers Optional Life Insurance  of varying amounts that include $5,000 to $500,000 worth of coverage, subject to a​n insurability screening.  For first time PEIA participants, PEIA allows up to $100,000 of Optional Life Insurance coverage for employees to enroll without the insurability screening.  PEIA offers Dependent Life coverage, please visit the PEIA website for plans and pricing
      • The WV Sta​te Police also offers a $4,000 life insurance policy through UNUM Provident Life Insurance.

Retire​​​ment​​ Plan:

      • As WV public employees, all full-time public employees are required to participate with the Public Employees Retirement Plan, regulated by the Consolidated Public Retirement Board.  Employees hired on or after July 1, 2015 will be members of the PERS II plan, contributing 6% of their gross monthly salary.  WV State Police contributes 10% of the ​​member’s gross monthly salary for a combined total of 16%.  Please visit to explore the Retirement Benefits and Requirements.
      • An additional retireme​nt option is available with Empower Retirement and functions as a 457 Retirement Plan.  Please visit to learn more about the retirement options for both pre- and post- tax contributions.

Additio​nal Insuran​​​ce(s):

      • Mountaineer Flexible Benefits offers additional insurance such as Dental, Vision, Hearing, Legal, Short- and Long-term disability, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts (for qualifying e​​mployees who enroll in the PPB Plan C Health Plan offered by PEIA).  To explore the variety of plans and prices, please visit
Read more about WV State employee benefits.