Professional Development Center


The Mission of the Professional Development Center

The mission of the Professional Development Center (PDC) is to provide a learning environment specifically designed for the career enhancement of the law enforcement professional. The PDC offers approximately 12,000 square feet of office and classroom space in a quiet setting. The PDC has three large classrooms and a 40 station computer lab that when combined, can accommodate 200 students. The classrooms are equipped with Dry-Erase boards, flip pads, computers with LCD projectors, and comfortable seating for students. Lodging in our dormitories and meals at the cafeteria are also offered at a minimum expense to the student.

The PDC offers a wide range of instruction and hosts courses offered by several agencies. The PDC is adjacent to the main campus of the West Virginia State Police Academy and is easily accessible to Interstates and local businesses.

Dress Code

The Professional Development Center strives to provide and maintain the highest standards of training. With this in mind, students are requested to dress appropriately in casual business attire. No shorts, tank tops, sweats or athletic type clothing, open toed shoes ( men only ), hats or clothing that may be considered unprofessional will be worn on academy grounds, outside of the privacy of the dormitories. Those courses that may require specific clothing such as fatigues or physical training apparel are exceptions to the dress code.


Course Fees

In order to bring the highest quality instruction to law enforcement professionals throughout the state, the Professional Development Center contracts with several outside agencies and individuals to deliver training in various specialty areas. Those courses being delivered by outside agencies or individuals that require an instructional / material fee must be pre-paid by the student or their sponsoring agency no later than 30 days prior to the start of the class. Due to the limited size of some of these classes and the financial obligation to host the classes, no refunds will be approved within 30 days of the start of the class. Cancelations made prior to the 30 days will receive full refund of fees paid. Fees are to be made payable to the agency or individual delivering the training and may be sent to the Professional Development Center unless otherwise specified.


Classroom A/V Equipment

Each of the 4 classrooms at the PDC are equipped with computers, LCD projectors, DVD/VHS players, and a PA system. Instructors are encouraged to bring their media on a CD or jump drive/ thumb drive to be used in our media system. The PDC equipment will not be unplugged or altered in any manner. Those instructors who wish to use their own laptops or other devices may do so by using our portable LCD projectors and speakers.

Course Cancelations

Due to certain contractual obligations with outside instructors or agencies, it may become necessary to cancel a course being offered. When feasible or sufficient interest is demonstrated for the course, every effort will be made to reschedule the training. Students who are registered for a course that has been canceled shall be notified with all due diligence. Any monies paid for such canceled courses will be returned back to the agency.



Lodging at the state police academy is based on availability of rooms. As there is a priority given to entry level students in training throughout the year and also to West Virginia State Police Annual In-Service (Feb. - May), students should contact Mrs. LaDonna Escue at (304) 766-5800 on the availability of rooms. There are several hotels and motels in the area for those students needing accommodations. The state police offers the following list of hotels and motels and their respective phone numbers without any endorsement or contractual agreement.

Ramada Plaza Hotel (304) 744-4641
Wingate Inn (304) 744-4444
Holiday Inn-Charleston House (304) 344-4092
Sleep Inn- Cross Lanes (304) 776-7711
Super 8 Motel (304)768-6888
Motel 6 - Cross Lanes (304) 776-5913
Comfort Inn (304) 776-8070
Charleston Marriot (304) 345-6500


To register for a class, contact Lieutenant J.C. Powers at the PDC at (304) 766-5857

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