Fellowship Training Program

​The West Virginia State Police Academy has been training City, County and State Police officers for over 50 years.

The Academy staff is always looking to the future of law enforcement and law enforcement training - for ways to better serve the citizens and law enforcement agencies of West Virginia. To better serve that goal, the Academy staff is encouraging the involvement of local law enforcement agencies to participate in the training offered at the Academy.

The Trainer Fellowship Program is a 16-week program designed to assist in the administration and training offered during the Basic Police Training Program.

Participating agencies allow their officer(s) to be assigned to the West Virginia State Police Academy for the duration of one entry level Basic Training Class and participate in the training the officers receive.

The Program offers agencies and participating officers - an opportunity to help shape future officers and the future of law enforcement in West Virginia.

The Trainer Fellowship Program offers the participating Agency various benefits including:

  • Development of expert witnesses for court testimony or specialized investigations in various areas
  • Networks of officers developed during the training process to aid in resource development and information sharing and gathering among Departments.
  • Development of training to implement in your agency.
  • Law Enforcement Training Committee (LETC) Certification for involved officers. Those officers could conduct certified annual in-service training for city/county officers.
  • Food and lodging are provided.
  • The Agency will also receive an improved officer in return. The officer will be more aware, more team oriented, more experienced and more cognizant of detail than ever before.

Participating Officers Receive:

  • Receive LETC Certification.
  • Attain job-related skills, training and certification.
  • Are offered an opportunity to share specialized knowledge or experience with other officers.
  • Gain supervisory and training experience.
  • Learn computer skills.
  • Learn multi-media presentation techniques.
  • Are exposed to residential training environment/methodology.
  • Become familiar with adult learning principles.
  • Learn ways to utilize Internet and satellite in distance learning programs.

This Program is designed for all non-probationary police officers, including training officers or those desiring to become training officers.

It's been said that there's no greater honor than serving your fellow man... 

...but what could be a greater honor than in serving those who also serve your fellow man.

The involvement of local participating law enforcement agencies can only bring the level of training offered at the West Virginia State police Academy to new heights.


For additional information, please contact:

West Virginia State Police
Training Academy
135 Academy Drive
Dunbar, WV 25064

Phone: (304) 766-5800
Fax: (304) 766-5860