General Provisions

​​It is important that every official inspection station properly instruct all employees in accordance with the instructions and procedures as set forth herein. The contents should be carefully studied and frequently reviewed by your entire organization. Continued supervision of all inspector mechanics should be maintained. If your appointment is withdrawn, it is because you or your employees have failed to follow instructions.

Change of Location or Ownership

Persons operating under a certificate of appointment, contemplating a change of location or ownership, must notify the West Virginia State Police, Traffic Records Section, 701 Jefferson Road, South Charleston, West Virginia 25309-1698, before such change is made.
A new application must be made for appointment of inspection privilege for the new location of ownership - this requires a new investigation by the West Virginia State Police. If the owner remains the same, the original station number will be reassigned to the new station.

To eliminate any period of non-operation, such application should be made at least thirty days in advance.

All inspection privileges will cease under the old certificate as of the date of issue of the new certificate of appointment. Persons operating under a certificate of appointment, who are not contemplating a change of location or ownership, but wanting to make a change in name only must fill out a new application showing the change in name.

Upon receiving this notarized application, the Superintendent will issue a new certificate of appointment, the old certificate must be returned to the Superintendent immediately.

Inspections may continue during the above transaction.

No inspections will be conducted on premises during the period of suspension.

Requirements for Appointment and Continuance Thereof

Application for appointment shall be made on Form DPS MVI-1. This form may be secured by writing to the Superintendent, West Virginia State Police, Traffic Records Section, 701 Jefferson Road, South Charleston, West Virginia 25309-1698. The Superintendent will investigate all persons or firms filing applications. Appointments will be made when a favorable report is received.

If a garage does not maintain normal business hours or is open for business and conducts inspections only in the evening, application for appointment as an official inspection station will not be approved. An ordinary inspection station is required to remain open at least eight business hours each work day.

The appointment as an official inspection station could be suspended for not maintaining a clean garage, or not keeping proper tools and equipment.

Going Out of Business

An inspection station operator, upon going out of business, shall immediately return to the West Virginia State Police, Traffic Records Section, by way of area supervisor, the Certificate of Appointment and all unused inspection stickers, final reports of inspection and all other forms issued.

Change of Ownership (Exception)

In the event of death of the owner, the spouse, or a surviving member of the immediate family, shall submit a new application within sixty (60) days for a change of authority and continue operating, providing a qualified mechanic is employed to conduct the inspection.

Official Station Cancelations

Discontinuance of business even temporarily, or removal of an official inspection station from one location to another, automatically cancels authorization. Reports, stickers and all forms must be returned immediately to the West Virginia State Police, Traffic Records Section, 725 Jefferson Road, South Charleston, West Virginia 25309-1698 by way of area supervisor.

Responsibility of Station Owner or Operator

Upon accepting appointment as an official inspection station, the operator has obligated himself to the following responsibilities:

1. Owner/operator will assume all responsibility regarding the inspection of all inspector mechanics in their employment.

2. That he will see that the official inspection station instructions and supplements are available to each authorized inspector mechanic.

3. That he and his employees will conduct honest, thorough, and efficient inspections in compliance with the motor vehicle laws, rules and regulations governing such inspection.

4. To have available at all times in his inspection station all tools and equipment in good, working order, prescribed in the official inspection station rules and regulations.

5. To maintain a clean and orderly place of business and shop. (To be responsible for all employees in this respect).

6. Owner/operators will be required to maintain on file the inspector mechanic's license, or a photocopy thereof, of all inspector mechanics in their employment.

7. Owners of public stations will make certain that the inspection of vehicles will be conducted without unreasonable delay.

8. To keep up-to-date inspection records at his station which will be available at all times for examination by the State Police. Duplicate copies of log sheets and sticker requisitions must be kept at the inspection station for a period of two years.

9. To conduct all inspections and affix all inspection stickers in the approved inspection area of the location designated by the State Police.

10. That he will keep on file and abide by the memorandums forwarded to official inspection stations by the West Virginia State Police.

11. To keep an adequate supply of inspection stickers, rejection stickers and numerical inserts on hand.

In accepting the appointment, the station owner or operator obligates himself to make sure vehicles have been properly inspected. To submit the required inspection reports and log sheets to the West Virginia State Police immediately upon completion. This applies to both fleet and public stations.

Qualifications For An Inspector Mechanic

To qualify as a licensed inspector mechanic the applicant must meet the following qualifications:

1. Before any mechanic can inspect vehicles, he must attend the Inspector Mechanic Training Program and be examined and certified by a member of the West Virginia State Police. He must have a general knowledge of mechanical skills and completely familiar with the inspection program, its rules and regulations.

2. The mechanic must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driver's license in the state which they reside. He must pass the examination with a grade of not less than 80 percent. Any revocation or suspension of the driving privilege automatically revokes the license to inspect.

3. Must allow for a criminal and/or driving record check to be conducted to determine if applicant is truthful and possesses a history which would indicate they will follow rules and procedures set forth by the West Virginia State Police.

4. Must have been employed as an automobile mechanic one year prior to making application, or completed an automotive training program conducted by a generally acknowledged school such as by the military, a vocational, a rehabilitation, a county or private school. 5. Upon the request of the inspection supervisor, the mechanic must demonstrate his ability to efficiently and correctly operate the various testing devices required in the inspection program.

6. Approved inspector mechanics are subject to re-examination at any time, to determine if they have full knowledge of current official inspection rules and regulations. If the examination discloses the inspector mechanic is not familiar with the inspection regulations, he will be suspended from making inspections until able to pass a re-examination.

7. A previously licensed mechanic who has been licensed and is currently certified as a mechanic as of the effective date of these revised regulations shall be exempt from these qualifications upon their successful completion of a recertification class and test.

Mechanic Failing To Pass The Examination

1. Upon failure of the examination, mechanics shall be required to repeat the inspector mechanic training program before re-testing.

2. Failure of the second examination or subsequent examination will cause a waiting period of ninety days.

Personal Liability of the Official Inspector Mechanic

It is the duty of the inspector mechanic of an official inspection station to always properly and thoroughly conduct the official inspection of vehicles presented for that purpose. It is a grave responsibility and should not be taken lightly.

In affixing a sticker to an approved vehicle, the employee is placing a "Certificate of Safety: on that vehicle indicating that the vehicle is safe for operation on the highway.

It is the responsibility of the employee to check that all equipment is of an approved type. That is the purpose of requiring approved devices in these regulations. The aiming of the headlights, fog lights, or auxiliary driving headlamps is an important must. An approved headlight tester must be used.​