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The West Virginia State Police Retired Members Association, is a very important part of our organization. In order to move ahead you must first know where you have been, how you got there and where the next turn may lead. The West Virginia State Police is a family, and families have reunions, get togethers for a myriad of reasons. The reason that the retired members get together is a special one, because we have worn "THE GREEN OF WEST VIRGINIA."

Executive Committee

President: Charles R. Martin
Vice-President: Sharen S. Deitz 
Secretary: Clayton Alford
Treasurer: David W. Skeen
Sergeant At Arms: S. S. Satterfield

Handgun Forms
Form 44S - WV Carry Permit



As many of you are aware, the LEOSA Standard requires that retired law enforcement officers qualify as per the current standards required of active law enforcement officers.  Currently in WV, the active standard requirement is that there are both a regular light qualification and a low light qualification that must occur a minimum of three months apart. Please contact the WVSP Academy Staff for scheduling qualifications.