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Windshield and Windows

Chapter 17-C, Article 15, Sections 36 and 38, Motor Vehicle Law.

Inspect For and Reject If:

Vehicle is not equipped with approved safety glass wherever glass is used. Windshield must be "AS" 1 and all other glass must be "AS" 2. "AS" 10 (bullet resistant glass) may be used in the windshield area.

Glass is broken or shattered or has any exposed sharp or jagged edge or any other condition which impairs the vision of the driver.

Any posters, stickers, or other non-transparent materials except those required by law, located on the windshield which would obstruct the driver's view.

Any star, bulls eye or half moon cracks and breakage greater than one and one-half inches in the critical area. No mark of any kind permitted in the acute area.

Left window glass will not allow hand signal.

All glass must be present if vehicle was designed for glass by manufacturer.

Reject vehicle for ANY repairs made in the acute area.

Reject vehicle for any repair made in the critical area larger than 3" in length or 1 1/2" in diameter.

Reject vehicle for any repair made in the non-critical area larger than 6" or 1 1/2" in diameter.


Directly in the drivers line of vision in the center of drivers critical area. (8½ x 11 inches, size of standard typing paper).


The area cleaned by the normal sweep of windshield wiper blades, other than the acute area. NOTE: Blade size cannot be reduced when replacing.


All other windshield area.