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Rejection Proceudure

1. If the inspection reveals deficiencies that need repair or adjustment to conform with regulations, but the owner will not agree to have such repairs or adjustments made, official inspection stations are required to affix a rejection sticker to vehicle.

A. A vehicle will be rejected if the owner attempts to delay the inspection.

2. A complete inspection must be performed before issuing an approval or a rejection sticker. A rejection sticker is not to be removed unless the vehicle meets all the inspection requirements.

3. The owner of a vehicle rejected must be advised of the items that need corrected and give authorization for any repairs or adjustments before they are made.

4. Only the items rejected need be re-inspected if the rejected vehicle is returned to the inspection station who conducted the inspection within five (5) days from the date of the rejection. (If items rejected are in proper repair, the vehicle will be passed and approval sticker issued.)

A. The rejected vehicle returned after five (5) days or later must be completely inspected and the owner may be charged for this inspection.

5. IMPORTANT - A rejection sticker issued to a vehicle which did bear a valid inspection sticker at the time of inspection shall not entitle such vehicle to legally operate on the public streets and highways. The vehicle must observe the following rules:

No person shall operate any vehicle after receiving a rejection sticker, except as may be necessary to return such vehicle to the residence or place of business of the owner or driver or to a garage, until said vehicle and its equipment has been placed in proper repair and adjustment. This vehicle must be re-inspected and approved by an official inspection station within five (5) days of the date rejected. Failure to comply may result in suspension of license.