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The West Virginia State Police has a long tradition of providing outstanding training for law enforcement professionals. The State Police maintains a training facility commonly known as “the Academy” which is situated on approximately 24 acres in Institute, West Virginia. From this location, the Academy serves the entire state of West Virginia as a training and conference center for the law enforcement community.

The Academy complex houses:
  • Three 50-seat audiovisual instruction rooms which facilitate interactive classes. Two classrooms can be connected, by partition, to create one large 100-seat room.
  • An outdoor firearms range that permits handgun training at a distance up to 50 yards. This 30-position firing range is equipped with a pneumatic turning target system. In addition to handgun, the firearms range is equipped for rifle training at a distance up to 100 yards. The facility has currently been renovated and now includes a separate bunker for ammo, an amorers room and a 36 seat classroom.
  • Driving simulator for driving instruction.
  • A cafeteria-style dining room that can accommodate up to 150 people. In addition to feeding recruits and employees, the Academy food service staff serve training participants and seminars from many other agencies.
  • A gymnasium which includes free weights and exercise equipment. Also a fitness trail and obstacle course for outside training.
  • A computer classroom which is used for entry level training as well as refresher courses. This classroom can accommodate up to 24 people.
  • Dormitories for both male and female lodgers with the ability to house up to 216 people.
  • The Academy also houses the West Virginia State Police K-9, BCI and Medical Section.

The Professional Development Center

  • One 70 seat audiovisual instruction room which facilitates interactive classes.
  • One 40 seat computer laboratory which is used for entry level training and refresher courses.
  • Two 45 seat adviovisual instruction rooms which facilitate interactive classes. One with teleconferencing capabilities.
  • There is a dress code for the Professional Development Center (PDC) to include casual attire. Unacceptable dress for classroom and cafeteria includes but is not limited to: shorts, tank tops, sweat clothes, sandals, tattered/torn clothing, and hats
  • The Professional Development Center Dormitories are used to house State Police personnel when attending classes at the Academy.