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1033-Program Information

DLA WV Inventory List

All Inventories have been posted and are up to date on the following link:

DLA Disposition Services - Electronic Reading Room

The following link is a list of all agencies that have a current agreement on file with the State of WV 1033 Program Office:

Copy of LEAS(1).pdf

The following link is the current Memorandum of Agreement for the WV 1033 Program:


The following are reference links for information related to the data contained in the above linked files:

Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO Home Page:


1033 Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


National/NATO Stock Number (NSN) Search Tool:


Listing of Federal Supply Groups (FSGs) and Federal Supply Classes (FSCs):


FSG and FSC Search Tool:

DLA Disposition Services - Electronic Reading Room


Listing of Demilitarization Codes:

For information or questions related to the data listed on this page, please contact:

Lawrence Messina
Communications Director
WV Dept. of Military Affairs and Public Safety