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Academy Staff


Capt. D. M. Lee
Director of Training

F/Sgt. R. D. Perry
Deputy Director of Training

F/Sgt. H. R. Petry
Director of Professional Development,
Physical Training Coordinator

F/Sgt. T. S. Mills
Crime Scene Logistics,
Reconstruction Officer

Sgt. J. S. Losh
Logistics Officer

Sgt. T. L. Weese
Field Training Officer Coordinator

Cpl. J. P. Eldridge
Master Firearms Instructor

Cpl. J. L. Mitchell
Wellness Officer

TFC. J. L. Barker
Academy Staff Officer,
Defensive Tactics

Mrs. Michelle Watson

Mrs. Rhonda Canterbury

Mrs. Karlina VanCamp
Medical Unit Nurse

Mr. James Rucker
Claims Analyst


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